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This charming island province is dubbed the "Last Frontier of the Philippines." It has been declared as a nature sanctuary because of its rich rainforests, lush marine life majestic mountains, primeval caves, pristine beaches, and exotic flora and fauna which cannot be found elsewhere.

map of palawan

Palawan's top tourist site is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, an 8.2-kilometer underground
river, which flows within a deep cavern under the rugged limestone and marble cliffs. It is situated near the seaside
village of Sabang. Another tourist destination which is entered into the world eight wonder contest is the Tubbataha
reef, a conglomeration of reefs, shoals, sand bars and small islands east of Palawan which are home of various form
of sea lives, so rich that most of the species are endemic of the area.

But topping them all is San Vicente. It will be developed as the next big thing in Philippines' tourism. It will surpass
Boracay in size and capacity to accommodate tourists. It is the home of the 14-kilometer white sandy beach called
Long Beach, the longest in the Philippines. its islands offer various activities that a visitor will forget to come back to
their home and find a home in San Vicente.